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How does the current real estate situation affect selling your note?


As a note buyer during turbulent times in the real estate market, we are taking a much more careful approach to our note buying.

These are some of the factors that are affecting the notes market right now :

  • There are too many note holders trying to get rid of their notes.

  • There is too little cash available in our financial system to purchase private notes.

  • Real estate values have deteriorated across the country and foreclosures have increased to an alarming rate to the point that the government is actively helping owners out.

  • Even large banks got caught with large portfolios of non-performing notes or real-estate secured instruments and the government had to intervene.

  • There is no such a thing as preferential treatment in a global situation where even large institutions are collapsing and/or need government bailout.



A couple of years ago, we were saying that that was the perfect time to sell your private mortgage note. Unfortunately, we were right and realistically the value of private mortgage notes of all types has decreased considerably with no end to this in sight.

As a result of this, we'll offer you the best there is to offer in the current market, but you need to lower your expectations if you really want to sell your note these days.

You have to make a decision : selling your note in the current market for cash at a fair
discount or keeping your note and continue receiving your monthly payments, considering the current market outlook.



We are interested in the following types of deals  

  • Principals only (note holders). We'll deal with attorneys or trustees, but no brokers or intermediaries.

  • First position mortgages only.

  • Minimum Note value of $50,000. (Or packages of notes totaling $50,000)

  • A complete online form filled out with all the information available.

  • Have available to submit by fax (or pdf attachment by email, preferably)
    - a copy of the Note
    - a copy of the settlement statement (HUD1)
    - Payor's payment history
    - 30-day current credit record of payor, if available.

Once we receive the online form, if interested, we'll make contact, possibly request more
information and prepare a quote. If you accept it, we can move quickly.

If you have any questions, we would prefer to be contacted by email or contact form. If you call us, chances are you'll have to leave a message. We will give priority to returning
calls to people that have filled out the online form.

Thanks for your understanding.



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