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Get top dollar for your mortgage note with the leading Note Buyer


If you are considering the possibility of selling your mortgage note, deed of trust or lottery winning, you have come to the right place !

You will get the highest possible price for your mortgage note or deed of trust and a quick hassle-free closing. 

We are the Internetís preferred Mortgage Note Buyer and Deed of Trust Buyer. Our goal is to offer creative solutions to meet our clients' cashflow needs and to ensure that they receive top dollar for their income stream.


How does the current real estate situation affect selling your note? Click here to find out




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We buy Mortgage Notes and Real Estate Notes

lf you have sold your home or investment property using owner carry back  financing or seller financing and are looking to sell your private mortgage note, deed of trust or contract, we are standing by to give you an evaluation on your note and to give you the highest possible price. We are the Internetís Top Private Notes Buyers.

Quite often circumstances change, and small monthly payments are no longer as attractive as receiving a lump sum now to be used for other purposes.  Whether your note is a 1st position or 2nd position lien, residential, commercial, or bare land, we can cash you out in as little as 2-3 weeks hassle free!

Sometimes difficult situations arise between the Noteholder and the Payer because the Payer is late making the monthly mortgage payments or misses payments altogether. The note then becomes a non-performing note. We  actively purchase and pay competitive prices for non-performing notes.

Notes may also be grouped into portfolios. We offer top payouts for portfolios of performing (paying) and non-performing notes (slow or non-paying notes). Institutional portfolios are welcomed. Size is not an issue as we have unlimited funds. We buy mortgage notes of almost any kind.


Flexible Purchase Options 

          Full Purchase

          Partial Purchase

          Simultaneous Purchase



If you are considering selling all of your future mortgage payments and would like a lump sum now, we would do a Full Purchase. 


You may be looking to sell only some payments now and to receive the remainder of your payments sometime in the future. In this situation we would likely do a Partial Purchase. To learn more about our flexible purchase options and for a walk-through on the process of selling your note, please click 5 2 here.

If you are a Real Estate Owner, Investor, or Realtor looking to sell your property quickly, we have an amazing technique that could help you sell lightening fast for top dollar and with less hassle. Basically, the Seller would create a mortgage note and we would buy this note simultaneously at or right after closing, a Simultaneous Closing.

The Seller gets the down payment from the Buyer plus a lump sum for the mortgage note from us, freeing up these funds to be used for another investment, or for other purposes. This program helps sell properties quickly because it widens the base of potential buyers for your property to include buyers who would not be able to get traditional financing through banks and lending institutions. To learn more in detail about how this technique works and how it can benefit you, please click here.

If you have further questions about selling your note and about receiving your money, click on FAQ.



We buy lottery winnings. Get your cash NOW!

You may have won the lottery, and rather than collect small payments over a long period of time you may be considering selling your future lottery payments for a lump sum now.

To find out more about selling your lottery winnings, please contact us or call us at 1-856-751-8254.

Many reasons to bring your note to 

Experience Confidentiality
Flexible Purchase Options No hassle, fast closing
Free quotes Competitive pricing
Quick access to cash Case by case basis
Creative Solutions  



We would be happy to discuss your specific needs, whether you are considering selling a mortgage note or lottery winning 5 10 Contact Us anytime or call us today! We can provide you with a free, no obligation quote usually within 24 hours!

You can rest assured that you will receive the highest price for your cashflow stream quickly and hassle free.


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